Travel six decades into the future where the world is in crisis. Leaders of the most powerful nations have been marking time, collecting their paycheques and pensions while failing to address the lethal trifecta of climate change, drought and famine that now ravages the planet. With the fate of humanity hanging by a thread, a group of deranged bio-hackers unleashes a deadly bio-engineered disease with the intent of depopulating the globe. Oh but the world’s elite, they’e got themselves a fool-proof escape plan. Passage paid in full to a new world aboard a trio of mega-gigantic Space Arks.

But they didn’t count on NASA’s nosy Space Ark project manager, Dr. Daniel Radu who uncovers the global conspiracy and, together with a team of experts, friends and families, blows it apart. Literally out of the solar system. Tag along on a desperate galactic journey of survival, betrayal and revenge as Daniel and the crew struggle to find acceptance as refugees within the planets of the Interstellar Collective for Peace and Security.

Books by Zanne Raby