/Peril in Paradise

Life in Paradise Can be a Killer!

Life should be anything but deadly for Dr. Daniel Radu, former captain of the Space Ark Mayflower, and his one-time crewmates now living as refugees on the beautiful tropical exoplanet Cepheus-9. But when the Interstellar Collective for Peace and Security is rocked by disaster, the former crew faces a threatening and uncertain future. Only one man has the courage to confront the dangers: Dr. Daniel Radu, now masquerading as an exobotanist. But what can one lone soul do against the odds? Find out in PERIL IN PARADISE, the fourth novel in the sci-fi adventure series, "The Chronicles of Deneb".

The adventure continues in PERIL IN PARADISE. Available for purchase in December 2023 on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and www.ridgecrestbooks.com.

Peril in Paradise