We've finally done it – mustered up enough courage and said buh-bye to our little blue orb to venture out into space. Really far out. Like I mean, over 2600 light years away. Oh you remember when we lived on Earth, don't you? Looking up into the sky and there she was – sparkling like a diamond in black velvet. Deneb, that blue-white supergiant nestled in the tail of the swan: the Cygnus constellation.

But what a ride we've been on – who knew that there would be a nice cozy rocky planet just waiting for us Space Refugees. Yeah, well brainy little astrophysicist Tara Kóbor knew, that's who. Then again, all of us on the Space Ark Mayflower are pretty smart. But why wouldn't we be? We're the team that designed her from blueprints down to the very last swipe pad.

See it there – our new home? That's Deneb 7 – well… let's just call it Deneb for short – circling in the seventh orbit of that massive bad boy star. Ready to welcome us humans. Hey guys, say hello to Deneb.

-Daniel Radu, Project Manager, Space Ark Mayflower